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We have TEST Engines for Sale. Just a few left. Contact us now for more information.

Due to a recent price increase from Briggs and Stratton the
PVL System that is mandatory for Quarter Midget Racing
will sell for $118.00

Looking for all the NEW UPdates for 2007 for the World Formula Engine?
We have it all in Stock! PVL Systems (new flywheel with ignition),
New Head Gaskets, Heat Disperser's, & Breather Systems.
Also available are the re-designed Carb/Manifold Spacer's, Spark Plugs,
Carburetors, Carb Kits, Cylinder Heads, etc.
For faster Service - Click here to Email Now! or call (310) 329-6888
or for parts call "No Hassle Parts" - (310) 505-7027

Briggs and Stratton has re-designed their Carb/Manifold Spacer to better serve their racers. If you have had any problems with your piece, please contact us so we can get you one of the new and improved ones! Click here

Alex Bowman WINS Silver State WinterNationals with a Hansen World Formula!

Zachary Burgess WINS State Race Event at Thompson, Connecticut with a
Hansen Racing Products World Formula!

Garret Johnson WINS 2007 Dirt Grands with a Hansen World Formula

The Briggs and Stratton World Formula is making it's way around the QuarterMidget Circuit. Some are tentative about joining in. Some may be concerned about rules since there are none in print yet, and that is understandable. But the bottom line is... the World Formula should be STOCK! That means NO modifications. At Hansen Racing Products, we DO NOT alter these STOCK Powerhouses. If someone tells you they are purchasing a Stage 1,2, or 3 World Formula from an Engine Builder - then they are purchasing an ALTERED Engine. They should be concerned about TECH!

Introducing the
Briggs and Stratton World Formula Engine

built by Hansen Racing Products

World Formula Carburetor Tunin (778

A Lower Cost Alternative to Go Fast .......

More Power for less cost!

It just makes cent$ for Quarter Midget Racing.

Hansen Racing Products
358 W. 168th St - Gardena, CA 90248 (310) 329-6888
or No Hassle Parts (310) 505-7027


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History was made February 7th, 2006. The Briggs and Stratton World Formula was accepted for QMA Racing.

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